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Water cut and flow measuring skid system


“Water cut in oil and Oil Flow Monitoring and Measuring Skid System” can be applied to measure the water cut, total flux (including oil flux and water flux respectively) during the oil pipeline transportation. The system can measure the instantaneous and total flux of HC material in a on-line real time way, including the instantaneous and total flux of water cut,the instantaneous and total flux of oil, the density of oil.

Various oil, such as crude oil, oil product, the recycled waste oil, must contain water content (great or minus), the water cut and flux of oil for busines s to be measured to ensure the accuracy and the safety in future usage, while the water cut measurement is more complex due to various facts affecting it, such as density, temperature, flow rate and so on. It is difficult to get the accuracy of the water cut in the oil by means of “Single Water Content Detector”, so the sample was taken manually during the pipeline transportation of the oil in the past and the samples then were sent to laboratory for water cut analysis, there were some defects of a.m. method. First. Poor accuracy due to the sample process cant be continuous, just regularly, then the analysis result just the average value of the samples resulting in big error. Second, time delay due to the samples were sent to laboratory and the analysis process, the water content data cant be got on site in time.

“ Water cut in oil and Oil Flow Monitoring and Measuring Skid System” is developed specially for water content and flow measuring in a on-line real time way during oil pipeline transportation to meet our Clients requirement.

System Structure

“ Water cut in oil and Oil Flow Monitoring and Measuring Skid System” is designed and produced by Toeast Electrics Inc., Shanghai with the ROXAR Water Cut Meter, MMI Density/Mass Flow Meter, ROSEMOUNT Temperature Transmitter and Pressure Transmitter, the top advanced Instruments of the world produced by Emerson Process Management Co. And with the software and “Data collection, analysis, calculation process unit Controller” developed by Toeast Electrics Inc., Shanghai. Cooperating the a.m. instruments, the software, the controller, the system calculate the mixture flux, oil flux and the water flux in a on-line real time way.

The system includes filtration and deaeration device for degassing the air from the mixture to improve the accuracy; the system control the flow rate and the degassing by means of back pressure valve. So the accuracy is improved greatly.

The system integrally mounted on a bed plate as module to be a complete “Watercut and Flow Measuring Skid System.