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Future directions

Our company has been dedicated to Marine environmental protection and Marine services for more than 20 years with a rich experience in ship sludge disposal, tank cleaning,etc. Now we have grown into a competitive enterprise rooted in Ningbo-ZhouShan area. In future,we will develop ourselves stably and become stronger and stronger gradually, eventually grow into the most competitive enterprise in the east of ZheJiang province. Besides,we own a senior ship repairing technical professionals and broker team, based on Marine environmental protection and Marine services business, we will do further to develop the relevant shipping service business.

1.Ship dry docking repair & conversion

At present, China occupies a big part of the world market of ship repair and conversion. According to the requirements of classification society, most ships need to be carried out docking repair regularly for inter medium survey, special survey or temporary and emergency cases. In addition, the conversion market is also considerable. In the future, we will seize the opportunity to enter the ship repair & conversion market.

Now we have established strategic cooperative relations with domestic major repair yards, adhering to the concept of mutual benefit and win-win, we will assist the shipyards to expand ship repairing market, and present a smooth communication channel between shipowners around the world and Chinese repair yards, Promote shipyards to break through the market restriction with the minimum cost and let the shipowner experience the highest quality service at the most reasonable price.

Our services:

Our company as an important bridge between shipyards and shipowners, we will provide free service on the project supervision and technical supporting by our technique professionals,assist our customers to guarantee the project quality and node.Meanwhile,acting as the shipyards representative,we will assist shipyards to offer a better and convenient service to shipowners in all ways,maintain the good reputation of shipyards and proactively coordinate the conflicts that may arise during the repairing period.

2.Ship afloat repair

We own a professional engineering technical team and a strong network with shipyards, workshops and local authorities which enable us to provide owners and managers with the most suitable solution for their vessels’ repair at all ports or in all waters in China.

Our services:

Steel job,temporary repair

AC repair and manufacture

LSA & FFA servicing


Turbocharger, Governor and Fuel Oil Pump overhaul & repairs

Ballast Water Treatment System

Repair / overhaul / fabrication for machinery & equipment

Communication & Navigation servicing

Underwater servicing

UT gauging


Over years we have trained a professional and hard working team for the supply service of ship stores and spare parts.We have established a high quality purchasing network and equipped with a large general materials and stores warehouse. Working around-the-clock,our team will always ensure the shipowners’ interest and take our customers’ requirement as the first priority.Simultaneously we offer high quality products at competitive price.

Our supply scope:

Engine spare parts, provision, marine deck and engine stores, tax free stores.

4.Port agent

We act as an protective agent with an extensive servicing network.We can:

Speed up customs clearance and documentary process Promote communication between different parties associated more effectively Follow up with vessel’s pre-arrival and post-departure

Our company now has grown into a competitive company. In future we will definitly work hard to make further development, strengthen our ability, keep pace with the times. On the basis of developing the existing business,we will do further expansion for the related shipping service business. In the next 3 to 5 years, We will build our company into a modern first-class shipping service company.