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  Ningbo New Century Shipping Service Co., Ltd located in the coast of East Sea and beside Buddha of Putou, founded in 2000, is the most senior and qualified shipping service company with a long history in Ningbo-Zhoushan port. We devote ourselves to maritime environmental protection and ship repair engineering, on maritime technical consultant , oil sludge receiving and disposal, oil tank cleaning, domestic coastal oil tanker safety management, oil spill emergency treatment, ship repair broker, ship repair project management (technology support, consultant, supervision), spares and stores supplying, ship agent and so on, being professional on all maritime technical aspects.

Insisting on “PROFESSION, EFFICIENCY, SAFETY, PRECISENESS”, we supply shipowners of all around the world with our highquality service. Number of ships served and the quantity of sludge received monthly are always on the top place in Ningbo-Zhoushan port, won the shipowners' trust and supports in the maritime industry and established long-term and stable cooperation with owners of the world. Our company is a well-known professional company in shipping industry with well-established reputation.

Under the full supports of MSA, Custom, Immigration (Administrative Office ), and Port Authority and Shipowners of all around the world, our company business and technology got considerable progress. We insist on the principle “To Forge Iron, One Must Be Stronger” and the service and management mission” Customer First , Integrity Management”, continue improving our ability to combine hard power and soft power into a winning strategy.

Our company owns and runs 4 coastal oil tankers and has a professional and experienced ship safety management team, specializing in oil sludge receiving and disposal. Especially, our company owns the “ONLY OIL TANKER (flash point ≤60℃ CIHANG 9 in Ningbo Port, this mean that only our company is qualified to receive sludge or oil residue from Oil Carriers, such as VLCC, ULCC and so on in Ningbo port; our company one other ship CIHANG 7 is equipped Watercut & Flow Measuring Skid System which continuously monitor the water content, oil content, the sludge quantity in line during sludge receiving and which accurately feedback information to shipowner.

We already established Safety Management System (SMS) for our fleet which already was approved by MSA with DOC, aiming at improving our maritime environmental protection and safety management level. Several coastal oil tanker company already entrusted our company to manage their ships with signed Ship Management Agreement. Our company also owns a number of oil transportation vehicles and equipment for oil spill emergency treatment, which are ready for use at any time.

Our company has more than eighty variable levels engineers who are qualified and experienced and who are able to supply Shipowner with high-quality service by thinking what shipowners think. Yongjie Oil Spill Emergency Response Co., Ltd is the only one official company which belongs to MSA in Ningbo port and we are proud of being one of it shareholders. Our company has 3 high-grade commanders and 7 site commanders who are guards of greener maritime environment and who are praised many times by MSA. From 2005, our company was praised as “Immigration Well-Cooperation enterprise” every year. In 2008, MSA authorized our company as “Advanced Enterprise”. At the end of 2018, Zhoushan Branch Office and Ship Repair Broker Company were founded which is the milestone of our company multiple development.

Our company keeps close cooperation with ports and shipyards in China and serves Shipping Companies all around the world based in Ningbo-Zhoushan port - the first port of the world. Our company cooperative partners: COSCO Shipping; China Merchant Energy Transportation; Evergreen; China Changjiang Shipping Group; MSC; ONE; Yangming; Matson; V-ships; KMTC; Sm Line and so on, with which we signed long-term and stable cooperative strategy which motivate mutual benefits and continuous development for all.

Our company holds a senior ship repair broker group who keep close cooperation with shipyards in China and Shipowner all around the world and set up a rigid bridge between them and who consists of variable level technicians, such as: C/E from COSCO Hongkong;Registered ship surveyor of MSA from DNVGL; CWI of AWS; Project Manager of ship newbuilding and repair; senior ship repair broker and so on. Our company serves shipowners all around the world on maritime consultant, ship repair project management, technical support, site supervision, ship survey on behalf of third party, ship condition assessment survey and so on. We think what shipowners think and insist on “NO BEST, ONLY BETTER”, we focus on two critical events: ship repair progress and repair quality to maximum shipowner benefits. Our company closely coordinates shipowners and shipyards for future deeper cooperation and won the trust from both side basing on “Excellence, High efficiency, High-performance-to-price ratio” 24h/7D service.

Our company will continue to improve our excellent service and technology on ship safety and maritime environment protection, and devote ourselves to build a first class and modern shipping service company.